The quick boost
Ideal for a fresh start of the day. Simply add a tablespoon of Haskap powder to 250ml of almond milk. Shake or blend for a few seconds and ready to enjoy!
The make up
Transform any plain yogurt into a fabulous treat. Just stir one teaspoon of Haskap powder in 100ml of yogurt, and it will add a beautiful purple colour with a sweet and tangy flavour.
The colouring brush
Stir a spoon of Haskap powder to brighten up plain white yogurt. For a final touch, add your favourite fruits as topping
Dusting marvel
Just sprinkle Haskap powder to any dessert and voila! Be creative in your designs for a bit of fun.
Double action
Sprinkle Haskap powder to your dessert and top it with freeze-dried Haskap berries for an extra punch!
Healthy snacks
Freeze-dried Haskap berries are a healthy nibbling option, alone or together with your other favourite healthy snacks
The secret ingredient
Feeling adventurous? Add a handful of freeze-dried Haskap berries to your smoothies, it will create a truly unique combination of colour and flavour that is just irresistible.
The brave
Haskap juice can be drank as it comes. It is quite strong in flavour and some people prefer to dilute it. Try it yourself and pick your style.
The Mellow
Dilute 2 parts of water in 1 part of Haskap juice for a milder flavour, perfect for sharing.

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